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About Teknolam Laminasyon
TEKNOLAM LAMİNASYON started business activities on 2011.  Gradually increasing its capacity in parallel with the need for lamination process in textile, it transferred its engineering experience to the relevant sectors. It carries out its activities in Istanbul Sultangazi Yayla Lamination facility with 10 employees in total including 2 engineers and 1 technician, in indoor space of 1000 square meters  and outdoor space of 800 square meters.

Teknolam Laminasyon
Our Mission
Our mission is to offer products and services improving the living quality and taking the social economic welfare to maximum level with our expertise in lamination sector.
Our Vision
Our vision is to spread the technical and engineering approach in technological textile products and attain a pioneering position to meet the quality expectations of the sector.
Why Us?
We are experts in Textile Lamination service.  We aim and achieve high level of success.  We are innovative and creative.
Membrane Applications
As Teknolam, we can make membrane laminations and coatings within the thickness range of 15 microns and 200 microns.
Upholstery Fabric - Lining Applications
The most important properties desired in upholstery fabric is high strength against washing and soft texture.
Foam Fabric Applications
One of the most important application areas of foam and fabric is the manufacture of bra. No carcinogenic material is used as it comes into contact with human skin.
Nonwoven - Buckram Applications
The raw material known as nonwoven is called buckram in the market. It is generally used as lining to increase the toughness and texture.
Cold Spray System
Cold Spray system maintains the foam thickness after processing.  No loss occurs.  You can easily use low-cost foams.
Buckram Press- Film Lamination
Film lamination, powder lamination, etc. may be easily applied with this system.
Denim- Lining Applications
Denim-fleece applications are performed in Teknolam Lamination through lamination service provided to the relevant sectors.
Shirt Fabric Applications
The inner side the product is presented to the user as a stylish and warm product that replaces a sweater with a non-polar shirt appearance.

Jacket- Coat Fabric Applications
Lamination applications are used more as an alternative to quilting method.
Reactive Polyurethane (PUR) Hotmelt
Reactive hotmelt lamination application is one of the latest system bonding systems together with cold spray application.
Hotmelt Lamination
This product obtained with sealing at least two layers onto each other is preferred in various sectors.
Fabric Coating
Fabric coating is a coating process performed to add certain properties to fabrics.

Fabric Lamination
Obtained by using the advanced technologies, fabric lamination  has extensive range of properties and fields of use.
Foam Lamination
As one of the most popular products, foam lamination features resistance against solar exposure.
Textile Lamination
You can get quality and professional service from our company for Textile Lamination.  Adhesives are either water-based products or rubber products.
Disposable Doctor Apron
Medical materials are used for aprons and they are made of spunlance material (non-woven). Aprons are produced using SMS material.
Mask Fabric
As Teknolam, we are one of the various manufacturers of Laminate and mask fabric that we introduced.  Our range of products we offer consists of the best quality Mask Fabrics, Footwear Fabrics and Car Seat Fabrics.
Yayla Mahallesi, Dadas Caddesi,
No:15 Sultangazi/Istanbul
P: +90 212 595 49 04
F: +90 212 595 23 66
E: info@teknolaminasyon.com.tr
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